Custom Sports Mouthguards for Kids & Teens

At Dentistry for Children Maryland, protecting your child’s smile is our focus. Professional athletes wear mouthguards to protect their teeth, and so should you! Mouthguards protect your child’s teeth and mouth from impact by covering the upper teeth. Our dentists recommend using a mouthguard for all high contact sports, like football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer, at every age. We want to help ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles, even when you’re on the field.

Does My Child Need a Mouthguard?

Using a mouthguard is putting safety first. Even though dental emergencies are rare, mouthguards can help prevent a sports-related dental injury. Mouthguards provide a sense of security and safety for both parents and kids when they’re on the field or on the court, whether it’s practice or game day. With mouthguards, your child can have a happy and active lifestyle while protecting their smile!

Benefits of Wearing a Mouthguard During Sports

Sometimes injuries are inevitable when it comes to contact sports, but don’t put your smile in danger when it comes to game time. Every year, dentists see many dental injuries caused by a sports-related incident. Dental injuries or tooth loss from sports-related impact can have an effect on your child’s everyday life and their confidence. A mouthguard distributes the force of impact, decreasing the risk of injury or tooth loss. This creates a safer environment for contact sports. Our dentists are here to help your child maintain a healthy smile and be protected when it comes to sports.

How to Take Care of a Mouthguard

Keeping a mouthguard clean and protected is key to helping your child’s smile stay healthy and safe. After each wear, use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your mouthguard. Brush it like you would brush your teeth! The mouthguard should be stored in a protective case to keep it from getting damaged or dirty in between wears. Avoid leaving your mouthguard in hot water or in the sun. The heat can cause the mouthguard to melt or become misshapen. This leads to the mouthguard not fitting properly and not being effective in protecting your child’s mouth. At the beginning of every season, replace your child’s mouthguard to ensure it continues to fit as their mouth grows. If your child has braces, talk to their dentist or orthodontist to discuss options to protect their teeth.

Schedule an Appointment for A Custom Mouthguard

Schedule an appointment at any of our conveniently located offices throughout Maryland! Our dentists are here to help your protect your child’s winning smile, from practice to game day.

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