Pediatric Oral Health Exams

Why We Perform Dental Health Exams

Your child’s dental health is our focus. Dental health exams allow our dentists to take a look at your child’s overall oral health and discuss proper brushing techniques and nutrition habits. At Dentistry for Children Maryland, education is our priority at each visit. Our dentists make each visit an opportunity for discovery, and through the dental health exam, we can address any potential issues and continue to promote the importance of practicing daily oral hygiene.

What to Expect in Your Child’s Exam

During the exam, our dental team will discuss proper nutrition and proper brushing techniques to help establish healthy habits with your child. In our office, we take a “tell, show, do” approach which allows your child to observe and understand what goes into a dental cleaning and acts as a time for discovery.

In addition to the cleaning, your child’s dentist will check their teeth, jaw, and oral tissues. This gives our dentists the opportunities to look for any potential issues or abnormalities that may cause problems as your child’s smile grows. They will examine your child’s baby teeth and take a look at any permanent teeth that may be erupting. If necessary, this may also include x-rays to get a closer look and locate any cavities or other abnormalities that may be present.

During this exam, your child’s dentist will also recommend any special preventative treatment, such as fluoride treatment or sealants, that will provide long-term benefits for your child’s smile. Before you leave, your child will have the opportunity to choose a prize to take home. This is our way of showing your child that we love having them as a part of our family!

FAQs About Children’s Oral Exams

At What Age Should I Bring My Child in for His or Her First Oral Exam?

As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we advise bringing your child in for an exam once their first baby tooth erupts or no later than your child’s first birthday.

 How Can I Get My Child Ready for His or Her Dental Visit?

When scheduling your child’s visit, pick a time of day where they are well rested and most willing to cooperate during the visit. Before the visit, talk with your child about the appointment and let them know that the dentist is there to keep their smile healthy and will use special tools to keep their teeth clean. Avoid any negative words and refrain from sharing any negative experiences.

 How Often Should I Bring My Child in for Dental Cleanings?

When it comes to dental care, prevention is key and dental cleanings are essential as preventative care. Our dentists recommend dental cleanings twice a year for all patients. Depending on your child’s needs, they need more frequent visits, potentially due to increased risk of tooth decay, unusual growth patterns, or poor oral hygiene. Your child’s dentist will discuss the best schedule for your child during their exam.

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